Our expert team has decades of experience working with organisations around the world – helping businesses, charities, political parties and Prime Ministers get results from digital.

Our Senior Team

As a client, you will always have access to the most senior members of our team.

Tom Edmonds, Founding Partner

Tom Edmonds is one half of the team that led the Conservatives’ digital campaign during the 2015 UK General Election, the first where digital had a demonstrable impact on the outcome. Cutting-edge targeting and a highly segmented creative approach enabled the Party to reach undecided voters on the issues that mattered most to them – and deliver a stunning and unexpected victory. Tom now works with some of the world’s leading businesses and organisations, helping them combine digital strategy and creative execution to meet their strategic objectives. Prior to the Conservatives, he helped create a new financial category at Zopa, the world’s first peer-to-peer lending site.

Craig Elder, Founding Partner

Craig Elder is the other half of the team who put digital right at the heart of the Conservatives’ 2015 General Election campaign, now widely acknowledged as key to the Party’s first majority win in more than 20 years. He now works with clients across a range of sectors to help them get real results from digital – focusing teams, resources and budgets on the areas that matter most to boards and deliver value for shareholders. Before joining the Conservatives’ election team, Craig worked at leading advertising and communications agencies, helping clients including McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, the BBC and Nando’s find effective digital solutions to online and offline challenges.

Andrea Taylor, Head of Creative

Andrea Taylor spent 8 years with the Conservatives helping to direct and deliver the Party’s print and digital creative across election campaigns. She now heads up the Creative Department at Edmonds Elder, working in partnership with our digital consultants to turn communication strategies into impactful creative executions. Combining design and video, Andrea and her team produce work across every digital channel to engage audiences and drive real action.

Stuart Fowkes, Senior Consultant

Stuart Fowkes joined Edmonds Elder in 2016, having previously worked as Head of Digital Communications for the University of Oxford, and Social Media Manager for Oxfam. As well as leading digital and social media strategies for both organisations, he has eight years’ senior experience in the not-for-profit sector across digital and news, working across issues as diverse as humanitarian emergencies, trade, climate change and retail and brand PR.

Melissa Wolfe, Senior Consultant

Melissa Wolfe joined Edmonds Elder in November 2017, after specialising in digital communications and strategy at leading UK and global communications agencies. Melissa has worked with clients from a wide range of sectors including financial services, youth organisations and FMCG, and has focused on developing insight and data driven digital strategies and campaigns.

Freya Hobbs, Consultant

Freya Hobbs joined Edmonds Elder in November 2016, having worked with a variety of clients to create diverse, creative campaigns across digital and offline channels. Specialising in strategy and targeting in paid and organic social, Freya runs campaigns for clients across a range of sectors, with goals ranging from sales to lead acquisition to behaviour change.